In the partial fulfillment of the requirements of Digital Media Program, 4th year students are required to gain practical work experience in the industry through an Internship or Cooperative Education in Digital Media program. This part of the program is about learning and practicing in a corporate, a private and/or a public environment in both local and international organizations related to digital media industry.

Preparatory Workshop for Cooperative Education Program

All 3rd year students are required to attend 30-hour workshop arranged by PSUIC/PSU on a purpose to provide necessary information and skills for successful employment. Students will be ready and eligible for the Cooperative Education Program approaching in the following academic year.

Application Letter and Forms

Students are required to submit the following documents in order to apply for the PSUIC training program

1. Company Selection Form

2. Letter of Consent (Parent Acceptance Form)

3. Program Participation Form*

4. Student Acceptance Form*


Students are required to submit the following documents in order to apply for the CMDT training program;

2D/3D Animator, 3D Model Designer, Graphic Designer, Infographic Designer, Web Designer and Developer, Mobile Application Designer and Developer, User Interface and User Experience Designer, Interactive Media and New Media Designer, Creative Media Designer and Production, Computer Technical Officer

Students will work under the agreement between the organization and CMDT and are fully responsible for the assigned tasks. If the organizations request any changes to the task description stated in the prior agreement, students must inform and ask for approval from the Head of CMDT Program.

Criteria of Evaluation and Scholarship Announcement

Students will be working as a temporary full-time employee in a position under their field of study, which must be defined by the organization and approved by PSUIC.

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