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Prince of Songkla University International College
Creative Media and Digital Technologies Program



Flipped classrooms and creative thinking activities are introduced to assist you in developing creative and problem-solving skills. You will be taught through project-based learning to spark creativity and let your imagination run wild.



Whether it is 2D/3D animation, digital art, or even photography, we present and communicate with the outside world through outstanding student work.



Our CMDT program will provide you with the technical and practical skills needed for a career in the digital creative industry. You can pursue your passion in the digital world, whether it is motion graphics, 3D animation, games, or web design.



To keep up with the technological changes in today's fast-paced digital world, we incorporate new technologies into our teaching on a regular basis to ensure that you reach your full potential.

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Design Research Day ( Topic : Waste Town ) 2023

February 6, 2023

Workshop VR & Game ( ANIMEX ) 2023

Last Friday we had an amazing learning experience at our Game Design and Immersive Worlds/VR applications workshops. Industry experts Darren Abbott and Dominic Dunn shared their extensive knowledge and real-world experience with us, and we were able to gain hands-on experience through interactive activities, group discussions, and presentations. Here are some highlights from the event!
Here are photos : Workshop AR & VR with Teeside University 2023

Early Bird Scholaship TCAS 1 & TCAS 2 2023

Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC) is pleased to announce scholarships for applicants who apply, accept the admission offer and meet the eligibility criteria for TCAS 1 & 2 rounds. This is an excellent opportunity for students to receive financial assistance for their education at PSUIC. - For TCAS 1, scholarships of 10,000 baht will be available for those who accept the admission offer and meet the eligibility criteria between 7 - 8 Feb. 2023. - For TCAS 2, scholarships of 5,000 baht will be available for those who accept the admission offer and meet the eligibility criteria between 4 - 5 May 2023. We encourage all interested students to complete the application and acceptance process as soon as possible to be eligible for these scholarships. It's a great chance to take the first step towards achieving your educational goals at PSUIC."

Eligibility for Interview for TCAS 1/2 -2566

. The application review procedure for TCAS 1/2 Academic Year 2023 has been finalised, and we would like to make announcement of the following eligible applicants for the interview as the link shown : LINK . #PSUICHatYaiCampus #TCAS66